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Anal 4 Friends - Sunk deeply in the Ass

Video of LailaBanx
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When I wanted to go to a Party with my buddy he was totally turned on of my outfit...especially of my tiny luscious ass. He told me that he would like to fuck anal but his girlfriend does not want this at all. I know him very long and I would be really sorry if he could never have the experience of a hot ass fuck, so I offered him a nasty assfuck with me. Of course he was there immediately. I opened the zipper of my wetlook leggings and stretched out my ass. He pushed his cock really deep into my asshole and fucked me totally horny doggy anal. Ass to Mouth we went on with a juicy blowjob. Then I sat down on him and sank his thick cock deep in my tight asshole. In spoon he fucked me through anal until I got a kinky orgasm. Cum greedy as I am I knelt in front of him and waited for him to jizz on me. From the ass fucking really horny he shot me an insane fat load of cum in the middle of my face, so that I did not get my eyes open any more.
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