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The Cheat-Fuck Punishment! Betrayed, hard pounded & used as a Jizz-Mug...

Video of LailaBanx
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Less than a week after my fucker's best buddy used me for cheat-fucking, my Fucker came home. I was already waiting for him, because I finally wanted his cock again and of course hoped that he didn't know anything. He barely had his jacket off I knelt in front of him to blow his cock. While I was giving him the blowjob, he got a call. What I heard really puzzled me because suddenly he asked me to deepthroat him and he kept pushing my head against his cock. When he hung up, he said nothing but when he stuck his cock hard in from behind, I felt that something was wrong. He banged me hard and again and again I should blow his cock deep. At some point I found out that his buddy had told him that I was fucking with him. Of course I wanted him to know he tricked me, but he didn't care at the moment. He stuffed his cock deep into my mouth again and then sprayed the entire load that he had pent up during his assembly time right in my face. For his buddy, I definitely have to come up with an act of revenge.
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kanzler schrieb vor 638 Tagen:
Geile Bestrafung für,s Fremdgehen. Dass super Facial war ja eher Belohnung.;)

CrazyAngelika schrieb vor 638 Tagen:
So lieben wir Dich! Viel Sperma in Deinem Gesicht! Bitte, bitte mehr von Deinen (euren) super, geilen Facials! Bitttttttteeeeeeeee!