Double-Whopper with extra Mayo - Cum covered for a Burger

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I was really hungry and looking forward to a delicious burger. But when I arrived at the parking lot, I noticed that I forgot my money. Then, as a guy with a burger bag walked by, I just talked to him. I asked him if he gives me his burger and showed him my tits. When I offered him to be able to cum cover me, he gave me his burger and jumped into my Car. When we arrived at home, it started right away. I unpacked my tits and began to blow his cock. Then I stuck his cock between my boobs and he enjoyed the titfuck visibly. At some point he finally wanted to paste my tits with his Mayo, so I put myself in front of him and he shot a decent load of sperm and clogged my boobies really nice. After that he unfortunately had to go, because now he was quite hungry.
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Sadako24 schrieb vor 8 Tagen:
Happy Birthday hun And thanks for all the pleasure your videos have given me this year :)