Jizz-Boobies! Frustration-Fuck Matress for my Daddy

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Daddy had some stress with Mom again and I heard their arguing. When he came into the living room, he looked pretty annoyed. He was already a little sorry for me, so I offered to fuck out his frustration on me. He did not think twice and quickly took off his pants. So I grabbed his cock and began to suck it with relish. I could feel that not only he but also his balls are quite loaded. I wanted to have this Sperm-Bomb necessarily, so I sat on him and rode him off as hard as I could. Then I lay before him and he hammered his cock full of frustration deeper and deeper into my cunt. He gave it to me really dirty and I saw that I get his sperm immediately. So I jerked his cock again really strong over my Tits and there it shot already out of him. Like it spalses out of a hose, the white cream gushed on my tits and in the end they were totally covered. After all, he was able to reduce his frustration a bit and I got my daily Cum Load.
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