Crazy! Vinyl-Ass completely drown in Jizz!!!

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I have put on a hot vinyl leggings for you today again. You love my little ass and how hot he shines in the leggings. You want to cum on my Ass, right? Come , I'll blow your boner first nice and wet that you can push it nice and deep into my pussy. Oh yes push it pretty deep from behind into my hole, while you enjoy the sight of my ass. You hammer the piston really hard and deep into my hole and I scream out of sheer lust. But before you cum inside my pussy, I prefer to blow again on your hot dick. Mhhh, you like that when I take it greedily in the mouth or? When it really starts to boil in your balls, I pull the leggings over my ass again and stretch it nicely towards you. I'll give you a countdown and at zero I want your cum on my ass. Counted just finished, it shoots out of you and does not even stop. My complete ass consists only of a sperm-blanket. Well done!!!
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