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I had a viewing appointment for an apartment today. When I showed the broker a few shortcomings that I did not like and he seemed a little helpless, I was suddenly pretty horny for him. So I wrapped him around the finger and instead of looking at the apartment, I showed him my tits. Really horny from this, he got a boner directly. Then I took his dick out of his pants and began to blow his cock. Then I pulled down the leggings and he pushed me the thick part nice and deep from behind in the pussy. After we fucked totally kinky, I gave him another blowjob and when he was about to cum, I pulled up the leggings again and held out my Vinyl-Ass. He briefly jerked his cock and sprayed me a big load of cum full on my shiny butt. I found it pretty hot that I did not take the apartment and would visit another one with him.
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