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Caught and banged with Anal-Plug in the Ass!!!

Video of LailaBanx
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Today I wore my Anal-Plug the whole day and got so horny from it that I wanted to give it to me myself. I was right now playing with my pussy when suddenly my step-brother came in. He was totally shocked and wanted to leave quickly. But my lust for a hard cock was too big so I called him to me. I played a bit on his dick and started to blow it hard. Then I knelt down and he pushed his fat cock deep in my cunt, which was even tighter because of the Anal-Plug. Really deep he banged me and it felt totally hot to have both holes stuffed. After that I sat down on him to ride his hard dick. Again he fucked me hard in doggystyle. I pulled the Plug out of my ass and sucked on it and put it back into my ass-cunt. He banged me faster and faster until I came hefty to orgasm. Then he wanked his cock in front of my face and it didn´t took long until he shots his fat load into my face. It was so much that it was running down my tits.
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