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Public Anal! Cheeky Assfuck for a Parking-Ticket

Video of LailaBanx
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I was about to cancel my parking ticket, but I noticed that I had no loose cash at all. Behind me stood an impatient guy, who was already jostling. I asked him if he would lend me the money. However, he agreed only if he was allowed to fuck me directly in the parking ramp. So I agreed and we were looking for a corner in which I first sucked his cock nicely deep throat. When I had blown him pretty hard, I opened the zipper of my leggings and held out my ass. I actually expected that his fat part drilled in my pussy, but he started right at my asshole and his fat cock blew up my asshole slowly. Deeper and deeper he pushed me the pole in the ass and with each of his solid bumps I was getting even hornier. After he has fucked my ass properly, he pulled me down and it went on Ass to Mouth After a greedy deepthroat, I stretched out my tongue and he shot me a really thick load of cum in the face. Now I had earned my loose money and as promised he gave it to me as well. Otherwise, you can not park in the city cheaper than here. *hihi*
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