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Total Escalation! Without Warning he destroys my Mouth and Cunt...

Video of LailaBanx
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When I was sitting in the living room, my Sis´ friend suddenly came because he wanted to pick her up. However, she wasn't there yet, so I offered to sit down with me. Since I didn't really trust the guy, I wanted to see what his loyalty was like and he directly tapped into the trap. When I knew what I wanted to know, I asked him to go. But suddenly he pushed me to the floor, opened his pants and put his cock in my mouth. I felt that he was angry. He pushed the part into my throat all the way and started to fuck my face. When he had fucked my mouth, he threw me on the sofa, tore my pants off and stuffed his cock hard and deep into me. He banged my cunt without mercy, pulled my hair and pressed my head to the sofa. After he was done with my cunt, I had to deepthroat his cock again and suddenly he held me by the hair and just jerked his sperm into my face ...
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Sadako24 schrieb vor 278 Tagen:
I always found it fun to trick the bitches into believing I loved them, so that those hoes would put out for me. It always sucked when the bitch's friends or sister sussed what I was really after and got in the way of it happening. But there were always other bitches I could use.

IloVeLeila schrieb vor 535 Tagen:
Geil. Dein Körper ist ne 10/10 absolut perfekt. Schön gefickt, mag es sehr wenn du hart rangenommen wirst. Richtigschön geblasen, sogar ganz weg geschluckt hammer! Geil ins gesicht am ende

Esa1980 schrieb vor 536 Tagen:
Ein geiles verficktes Stück.. Ich will auch mal ����

kanzler schrieb vor 540 Tagen:
Hart durchgefickt. Voll ins Gesicht gewichst, geil.^^